Top 10 places to eat in Toowoomba

The following is a link of top 10 places to eat in Toowoomba.  I have warmed a seat in every venue mentioned and they have not been rated in any particular order.    I have also attached the link for the reviews of each one so you can get take more than my word for it.

Muller Bros Rooftop, Restauraunt and Cafe - offers brazillan style food and roof top bar.   

Ice N Spice Indian Restauraunt   

Primitivo  Char Grill caveman cuisine

Gip's Resturaunt  -  Amazing setting with a refined touch

Engine Room Cafe - An awesome day cafe set in a fantastic atmosphere

Tripadvisor review for Muller Bros

Tripadvisor review for Ice n Spice

Tripadvisor review for Primitivo

Tripadvisor review for Gip's Resturaunt

Tripadvisor review for Engine Room Cafe

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Skewers - Chilled out restaurant that serves beer and has live music  

El Attar Middle Eastern Grill 

Kajoku  - Korean and Japanese BBQ

Junk- Asian street food

Tripadvisor review for Skewers

Tripadvisor review for El Attar 

Tripadvisor review for Kajoku 

Tripadvisor review for Junk

I know there is only 8!   i am doing my best to find any excuse to venture out to complete the list.   If you take advantage of my suggestions feel free to share the page / post on social media

These suggestions in no way detract from any of the other fantastic food venues that Toowoomba has to offer.   I was limited to ten picks and i tried to focus on places close to town.    Toowoomba is evolving at such a rapid pace that the food landscape keeps imporiving constantly.   if you have a recommendation please email me via the following link and keep me updated.


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