Toowoomba school catchment zones

Toowoomba is blessed with some of the best schools in the country and arguably the best when it comes to performance v cost.   I suggest all parents do the appropriate research to establish what school they would like their children to attend.  The map below shows Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs and the link below it takes you to an interactive map to Toowoomba school catchment zones.

What is a school catchment zone.

Public schooling is generally based on the educational needs of children who live locally. Each school has a catchment zone, which is a geographical area which defines where students need to live in order to be guaranteed admission to a particular school.

The boundaries of these designated neighbourhoods can change and for some schools these zones have been shrinking over the years.

School catchment areas are not only important factors to consider when choosing a home so that your children can attend your preferred school you often find that properties that fall within the catchment for the best government schools often fetch premium prices.

Buying in a school catchment area?

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Realestate and Domain websites have both launched school zone features to assist home buyers that are seeking that vital information,

Cornis agent Marc Phillips can verify that he often receives constant buying calls from people wanting to be located on the East side of Toowoomba including the Centenary heights and Middle Ridge areas to secure a position for their children in the respective schools.

Roughly four million Google searches are performed nation-wide on school zones every month, proving that a school catchment area is now a key factor for families when buying property.

This applies to both primary schools and highs schools

The Chronicle

According to an article published by The Chronicle the top 15 schools ranked accordingly,    Click here to be directed to the article

Toowoomba Grammar School

Fairholme college

Downlands College

The Glennie School

Centenary Heights SHS

Concordia Lutheran College

Toowoomba SHS - Wilsonton

Christian Outreach College

Toowoomba SHS - Mt Lofty

Darling Downs Christian College

St Ursula's College

St Mary's College

St Joseph's College

Harristown SHS

St Saviours College

State Schools that cause buying demand in their catchment zones

Rangeville State School

Centenary Heights 

How to sell mly house Westbrook Toowoobma Newtown Middle RIdge Centenary Heights Highfields Rangeville East Toowoomba

As a proud father I know how important it is to make sure I afford my son the opportunities in life that were not available to me.  A huge part of that is education.   A simple decision like what suburb let alone street can make all the difference to the education that he receives and ultimately the life choices that education will bring.  I hope this page has helped you find a little more information in relation to where you need to be located to send your children to your preferred school. If I can be of assistance with a home purchase feel free to say hi.

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