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As a sales specialist it is in my clients interest that I maintain a comprehensive buyers data base to assist with timely sales and to reduce potential costs.    It is also an advantage to the buyer as they can often purchase the home they are after before it is marketed openly.  

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Proud Father - Real Estate Agent - Pathetic Golfer 

Helping vendors for over 10 years, I understand your expectations, deepest fears and highest aspirations

What do I know about selling homes?

Marc came to real estate from a solid background in sales.  While living in Austin, Texas he began sourcing older properties to update and restore within close proximity to the city centre.   His passion for transforming dilapidated properties into profitable sales soon sharpened his eye to the potential that real estate investment offers.  Prior to joining the world of real estate Marc became was client driven and learnt to provide customers with what they want and need.

"Ï treat my clients wants and needs as my own when designing a strategic marketing campaign for their home." This attitude separates Marc from his peers and allows him to totally align himself with his clients ultimate goal

Marc is originally from Sydney and commenced his working life as a Police Officer.   Six years later he relocated to the United Kingdom where he started work in sales selling renovations and related products directly to end users and small business owners alike.  In 2004 he moved to the United States in his new capacity of Director of Sales and Marketing for an Australian outerwear manufacturer before finding his passion for all things real estate.

With his extensive sales and marketing background Marc found the transition to real estate sales effortless and soon took on countless house flips while at the same time working in his capacity as an Agent.   In 2014 his son Austin was born and with that came the decision to move to Toowoomba permanently.

"My decision to create the Crestmont Realty Group was an easy one.  The agency offers everything needed under the one roof including sales and property management but most importantly skilled negotiators that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients come out on top of every transaction."


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